Monday, 5 August 2013

How To Choose The Right Curling Iron

Would you love to have a head full of curls?   Lately women have been changing from their flat-irons and opting for a curling irons beautiful natural curly style.  Curling iron can create waves or curls, but there are many choices for you to consider first.

 First choose the right size:

Keep in mind that your choice will largely depend on the type of hair you have and the kind of curling style you want to achieve. The size of its barrel determines the size of curls it produces.

Big Waves - A curling iron that is 2" barrel will create large, loose waves in longer hair, or help smooth short hair. TIP: Wrap large sections around iron to smooth... wrap small sections to create waves.

Slight Waves - A 1-1/2" curling iron will create nice, soft waves. TIP: Curl small sections of hair with the curling iron, then clip each section to head. When cool, release pins and run fingers through hair.

Big Curls - The right size used to create large curls is usually 3/4" to 1". TIP: Spritz small sections with mousse, then wrap them around iron and hold for five seconds. Release curling iron, let hair cool, then use fingers to separate curls.

Tight Curls - To achieve the perfect little ringlets use a 3/8" to 1/2".   TIP: Wrap small sections from ends to roots in a spiral. Hold five seconds. Release curl, then let cool... spritz with hairspray, but do not touch!

 Different Iron Styles:

Spring-loaded, Marcel, or Clip less handle?

Marcel Curling Irons - are designed for professional hairstylists.      Spring-loaded Curling Irons- are easy to use and great for everyday use.      Clip-Less Wands- have no clamp. The hair wraps hair around a rod.                

Different Barrel Types:

Chrome (Silver), Gold, Porcelain, Ceramic, Tourmaline, Titanium, Teflon, or Metal?

Chrome (Silver) - These are the most common and least expensive. They are pretty effective but there is a chance for damaging hot spots.  Only recommend for occasional use.

Gold - These are great for daily use because this material distributes heat very effectively and provides a smoother surface that eliminates hair strand snags.

Teflon- Helps distribute heat evenly throughout the barrel to eliminate frizz and create soft, bouncing curls.

Ceramic - If you have  frizzy, color-treated, damaged, dry, or hard to curl hair, this is the perfect choice for you.  Ceramic seal the hair cuticle to lock in moisture during the heating process. This material also provides consistent heat and distribution.

Tourmaline - Delivers negative ions to neutralize the hair's positive charge and create calm smooth, shiny hair strands

Titanium - These keep consistent temperatures, eliminating hot spots, for smooth, silky curls.

Metal- Metal plates are known to damage hair. They emit extreme heat which is very harmful especially when used for prolonged periods of time.

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